Author’s articles that do not concern military issues will not be published

Dear freelance journalists and bloggers,

in recent months, of editorial email are beginning to prevail articles that do not in any way concern the military theme of the site.

As you know, in Bulgarian Military we accept author’s articles, but only concerning military issues. I will allow myself to quote again the first sentence of the conditions for publication:

“ welcomes original article submissions including reporting, analysis, and opinion / commentary of military, defense and political-military themes”

My personal observation is that authors from the Baltic region are trying to publish articles that have nothing to do with the research topic.

I receive various materials with titles, such as: “Kremlin’s embassy to the rescue: useful idiots face defeat in information warfare in the Baltics

Hybrid warfare is part of the topic we are researching, but the materials we receive concern hybrid warfare in general, not what we are looking for.

We have nothing against your preferences – love and hate whoever you want, it’s your right.

But we will not publish copyrighted articles that:

  • contain hated language
  • do not correspond to the topics of Bulgarian military

My advice is: be objective and use a professional journalistic and impartial tone of writing, as we do, although we also do not like specific situations, decisions or actions.