Editorial position for the 112th place in Bulgaria in terms of freedom of speech

Dear reader,
This April, the ranking of reporters without borders for freedom of speech and media around the world was released. Bulgaria has gone down one position – from 111th, and our country is already 112th.

I believe that this position is objective and accurate. Of course, the native politicians and many media in Bulgaria do not share this opinion.

My position is that journalists, editors-in-chief, and media owners are primarily to blame for this poor media situation in Bulgaria. Of course, it is easy to blame politicians, but let’s not forget a Bulgarian proverb – “The fish smells from the head, not from the tail.” In this case, the head of the fish is Bulgarian journalism.

Bulgarian journalists and their editors have allowed themselves to be dependent on state and party funding over the years. This prevents them from being objective in their assessments. This leads to the “silencing” of a piece of news. This leads to fear.

Simultaneously, much of the media continue to give publicity to people or news no longer relevant solely for a “smokescreen” in front of the general public and hiding the truth.

Bulgarian media did not dare to investigate in detail sick public issues, such as money and gold in the drawer of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, the natural sources of income and corporate policy of MRF MP Delyan Peevski, the dictatorial behavior of the opposition BSP, attacks on Bulgarian citizens and journalists of the anti-government protests in 2020, or the attacks on and threats against free media, such as the Buffalo website.

The media situation in Bulgaria is infected by the owners’ greed, who force their subordinates to remain silent on specific topics. The media turned the statements of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov from Facebook as the primary source of information. In Bulgaria, the more important news is which leg Borisov injured, not the condition of the state, which companies receive public contracts, how Bulgaria is not coping with the epidemic situation due to the coronavirus KOVID-19 and others.

We are glad that BulgarianMilitary.com, despite its small size of media (although we are more likely a blog), pursues its transparency policy, despite the country in which it operates. We have denied advertising to politicians, political parties, and state and public structures for the fourth year in a row. Our site is supported solely by Google ads, and we hope for subscriptions and donations very soon.

112th place is a disgrace for the Bulgarian journalist, and although I am not like that, I am ashamed of this ranking. The media is the fourth power in a country. In Bulgaria, they have long been no power but a tool in the hands of the Government.